I was told that when Hunter S. Thompson died, it sounded like a book being dropped and hitting the floor.

His son Juan was in the house and heard it, he walked in and found his dad dead with a self-inflicted gunshot in the mouth.

It was a .357 Magnum, no I recently heard it was a .44mm Magnum.

I had never heard a shot like that in my life, until one day about three (3) months ago.

It came from down the hall and in another private residence.

It was the loudest live ammunition I had heard in my life.

In that moment all I could think about was Hunter.

It was one of the scariest and most disgusting moments in my life.

I was in bed and I had just awoke from a Dream VR like it was hell before I woke up to that sound and that realization, that Juan and Ralph and the guys were lying about Hunter.

It did not sound like a book dropping, it was far louder, and far more powerful.

I talked to the police later, but first I lost my mind and threw some things over my balcony, Garbage bags, my Mets hat, my camera batteries, my M50 camera monitor batteries, some Black India ink, my new succulent, some gallon jugs of fresh water, and some maggots I found in one of the trash bags.

My mouth was full of an unknown toxin, I could feel it pulsate through my veins.

It was a Hazardous material and I was not pegged to live.

Whomever was part of this attack, did not count on me having done this dance, before, long ago in the winter and fall of 2013.

A mouthfull of poison was a regular thing for me at Diane ct.

Later that day, as I sat out on that patio, I witnessed a woman some 200 yards to the north, getting LIT ON FIRE for about 3 hours. Maybe four.

It was probably my ex-girlfriend’s mother, Mrs. Karenthaler.

South High School.

The police and Military did not stop them.

I even have on my military given HUD (heads up display)

The Commander in Chief: Joe Biden, President Of The United States, quoted by lip reading skills I have aquired,


As in “the Sow is mine,” Sou-th highschool.

Enough? Let me tell you about Ukraine and Putin on that morning and noon into 3 or 4 PM, or maybe I should take a break and call the paramedics, I need to be safe and this is not safe, and this is a lot more than probable cause and a crime lord going to town on the world.





(THIS IS NOT LV426 or ALIEN 3 you guys)

I WILL WRITE MORE about this soon.

(NOT a SUICIDE THREAT OR NOTE, just a way I end my notes, like DAVID FINCHER ended his first feature film: ALEN 3.)

STEVEN RIPLEY SHANDER signing off, for now… (LETS HOPE)




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