209 backup singer lady 30’s late heavy set,

Yells “Fat Twat!” Towards daughter’s room. 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 second pause.


Clear gunshot.

Little girl visitor not always around comes into the room from under my bedroom, to see what happened.

Loudest scream I’ve ever heard. Runs out door.

Loud saw noise from hall.

Comes from 307.

Stops in front of “GET HIT!” “LEAVE!” Room 309, big girl black and early 20's.

Stops with saw less loud.

“I’m KKK and I hate niggers, Do you want steven to stand up for you?”

Dude sounded like guy from early pounding on my door with a large power tool night before, I didn’t answer it and and sw through the peep hole a tall white fat fuck version of Beckman, from 306. A mad fucker who got sent out of the 3rd floor.

Was obviously a slide on the eyehole.

Starts up power tool, a chainsaw not even a chainsaw, much bigger, cuts door.

3–4 minutes of loud cutting door.

I was thinking “where’s the little brother? Oh fuck sake!”

Ceiling intercom Speaker box:

“As your lawyer/attorney I advise you to stay in your room,”

Slide of Mark (from Retard gang Luke, Matt, Shane, Kevin Schultz, John Zenobia, etc. Fano, Yuroslav)

301 — on projector slide: woman (50s, 60’s, 70s) (Puerto Rican woman lives with her son in his mid-late 30s w shitzhu dog) walks out points a high caliber silver magnum type handgun .44? / .357? In the direction of the area where sawing was headed.

Slide recorded earlier turns back after aiming gun and goes back to end of hall into her room.

Finally sawing stops-or as going a guy/hand white trash piece fucker — comes out of Roy’s room 308, at his moms house in milwaukee for the weekend. (lie)

This was the night of July 5, 2022.

Dude sounds like he comes near saw dude, guessing to cover him incase I come out to bat him to death.

Hear him close 308.

Grandma lady mother of back up singer crazy bitch black lady, mean fucker, called hits on me, hostage in roys room with unknown. Waiting to get killed I’m assuming (after gun suicide murder attempt through the floor to me on the couch, from bellow) Woman was dusted by duster or pulse riffle off site on onsite with scope, no question.

Scope snipe to save me from gunfire.

Dawn Douty shoots her downed from pulse riffle duster, with silver handgun, scope on the top. (Seen from security, guessing Government and non-government to my eyes) aiming up at me-through 209’s floor, right before she said called someone in the room a FAT TWAT, not a FAT CUNT, guessing it was her 13 year old or 12 year old, because she cued a raid from the police or dawn Doubty to come shoot her.

Dawn Doubty shoots her head off in one shot, sounded muffled i am guessing there was a struggle and that there was blood everywhere.

Assuming that’s where she hit her.

Young 1 and half year old or so little girl, mean to me through floor often, sadistic mean, comes out and sees her and screams runs out door.

I heard this through the floor right above sitting on my fuckin’ couch.

11:30 PM? 10:30 PM

July 5, 2022

Tuesday I think…

So back to the saw in the hall outside my door, the black girl the size of a safety in tackle football that wpuld fuck me up no question, is heard from the other side of the door, starts sawing with a hack saw.

I realize they are playing a skit, a roleplay to fuck me up, with closet storage to the left of the girl’s door 309. Closet storage 13 or 14, pretty sure 14.

Stops sawing, giddy, silly, psycho tone of voice, (why did you do this?)

“I wanted to hit or thumb or kick or (VERB missing) can’t remember steven’s hit or mob hit or whatever the word was, “enemy?” Etc.???

Asks her to go in my room, steven’s, gets downed hard.

Hits floor not moving.

Terrifying moment.

Intercom has words of dude with saw is killed for fucking around.

Wasn’t supposed to go that close to me with power tools. I’m guessing because both Tony Scott and Hunter S. Thompson solodato’d me in thier savage murder. (Suicide by Magnum .44 and jumping off San Pedro bridge)

Certain things were supposedly prevented or tried to be prevented by their actions of heroic and sad madness. These fucks…

I look out peep hole-

See two 5'6" 5'7" medical police workers checking body.

Maybe a slide on door hole, had several of those recently.

15–20–30 minutes later…

Saw guy in 303 area apartment, cut with power tools on boards, talks through it.-


Later heard screaming in severe pain,

Instantly crowd-

To east yells charges the area or where ever to get closer to the building we are all in, blinds shut.

Night of Insanity begins.

Violence, Torture, fire, baseball bats, animals able to speak in english revealed for the first time, all sorts of insane shit.




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