The man in the house in the woods with all the land; he has three dogs; he is an adventure person. Not at his house. When he’s home, he’s not just sitting in a room. He is a visionary, a pool of ink and celluloid for the Silver Screen.

Passports are real. And so are other countries.

It wasn’t always the case.

This man was having flashbacks to when before he made money, and travelled the world. Stuck in a city, landlocked and full of mystery.

The Sherlock Holmes soundtrack cued an eerie feeling fo the world, I had written back in 2009 or 2008 Christmas, whenever that was. Eyes Unseen was the title and Urbround was the fictional city. It was about a guy who makes friends with a supernatural guy named Darian Uku, and a Dark Creature on the loose-wild for some ancient old monster piss-scent that was used to hunt the beast. That story was scary.

I was about to say something about Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock movie. I listened to the score whilst writing “Harry’s Backseat Nightmare,” the short film script I still haven’t filmed, that stemmed into “Eyes Unseen,” the feature length version, never fully written.

The Sherlock Holmes film connected with me on a such a level. The low light levels with the use of film, and those Phantom cameras, that shoot 40,000 frames per second. Something like that. Cool coverage! Interesting moving camera.

I heard the actor in this movie studies Martial Arts. He had a fighting style and trained hard for the masterful fight scenes-in this action/mystery/caper. The camera and editing was so great.

I went out and found all of Guy Ritchie’s old movies: Revolver, Rock N’ Rolla, Snatch, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Phillip Rousselot was the cinematographer on the new one at the time. Just saying if you like cool cuts in movies, and usually some comedy and crime, then check out Guy Ritchie’s stuff if you haven’t.

The nearby lakes were scattered through out nearby places to hike. It was Fall time, and the wind was starting to give us an insight on what negative one hundred and forty-seven degrees Fahrenheit, in Antarctica-would feel like. It’s gotta be forty degrees out and windy-like a bat Dracula fighting Bruce Wayne’s Batman. A force of nature against a force of nature.

Bitter coldness today gripped my chest as I breathed the air. It’s coming… It’s coming…

“Baseball in Halloween’s Grip”

Snow and ice and brisk weather.
It will likely get a lot colder than this.
I was going to write about sports and the games that have been on my IPhone and IPad. On the At Bat app, pitch by pitch, I see a batter and a pitcher-their baseball card on the screen and where the ball is coming in the strike zone and over the plate.

Curve ball, four-seam fastball, Change up.

The pitching is fun to watch. When it’s good and they really can go without getting hits or runs, for seven innings or save a game at the end. Closers change the game.

The teams I paid attention to were The Dodgers, Mets and Brewers.

I didn’t watch all the games , I just got an update on my phone when they won or lost.

It’s kind of like listening to the radio.

“NFL Games”

I haven’t been watching my teams on the NFL channels.
GREEN BAY! I guess they are not doing that bad. But we did lose Clay

Matthews to the LA Rams and I didn’t know this occurred until two Thursday’s ago, when I saw him on the Seahawks/Rams game, on my Amazon Prime.

It is a shame that the man who started kneeling can’t even get a team to play for in the NFL. I thought the kneeling was a great idea.

Maybe you feel differently about the kneeling, I don’t want to pick a fight.

“NHL Season Starts!”

So Hockey started as well. My little brother watches every game of the Penguins. PITTSBURGH!!!!!

I was sad to see the guy- Phil Kessel leave to Arizona. I enjoyed his hard work and character, in those legendary games when the Penguins won those two cups. I watched those playoff games. I think almost all of them.

I remember them playing hard teams in the playoffs, the next round and the finals. And Phil Kessel going back to the bench, gasping to catch his breath.

Sucking for air.
Kicking ass.
The guy really helped the team.
I haven’t seen the latest games or much of last season. I missed the entire playoff run. I don’t have cable. They lost to the New York Islanders in a sweep, in the first round.

That sucked.

And another Penguin Favorite of mine: Carl Hagelin, got traded to the mighty Washington Capitals. Dude was fastest skater one year at the All-Star Skills Competition. DC is a rival of Pittsburgh and their games are always close and fiercely intense. Now they have two lines of insanely intense speed and stick-handling trickery. Snap shots that go in the nets, not bruises on someone’s leg. Sharp shooters. Makes me want to go lace up and shoot around at a goalie right now! No time for that we have something to do first…


I was going to work on my next movie script, when I noticed that I had been home for a week and no one had come to visit.

I had my two German Shepard dogs, and my little woofer dog, the Toy Poodle. I had been to a far away land, I was gone for many months. I travelled mostly alone.
What was the energy in the air tonight?
Someone or something would come and break the peace. A thunder cloud struck and scared the hell out of me and the dogs. It began to pour like a fuckin’ flood.

Nice cold thunderstorm.
John Williams Jurassic Park drums…
Not on CD, now on my paid Apple Music.
The ten dollar monthly fee for fake vinyl. All the vinyls you can imagine. I think the sound quality is fine. I didn’t go to recording school and I didn’t really take extra sound classes in film school much, so my ear may not be as attuned as a record producer’s would be.

I have never had a record player of my own, but I hear they’re the best way to listen to music.

I listen to music all day long, usually.

Bob returned to me these years later and had startled the living shit out of me, when the lightning struck and there he was!

“Steven I’m back again!”

Bob the ghost was a friend of mine, and when he came around I got scared. The last time he came, we had a woman who had an Alien Abduction of sorts, and my house got the aftermath.

She warned us of bad mother fucker Aliens coming and taking over the Earth.

Nolfriegg was a magical being. Someone who had been around since the dawn of man almost. She was from Ancient Egypt. Enough about her. Bob was here now and she was of no concern to me.

Bob was a ghost from caveman times. He watched the Earth become what it is today. A scary friend to have…


to be continued…




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